Mortgages: the fixed rate grows

The mortgage situation appears positive for the present and for the immediate future, and the most recent statistics show a growth in the fixed-rate mortgage .

The data of the last Observatory updated to February 28, 2018, show the money, indexing parameter of fixed-rate mortgages, on the upswing compared to the last months of the year 2017: for the twenty-year period it in fact stands at 1 , 60%, against 1.48 relative to the month of January.

Applications for fixed-rate mortgages

Applications for fixed-rate mortgages

Continue to grow without stopping and touch 78.2%, compared with 76.0% in December 2017. Data on disbursements show a fixed 74.6%, 20.6% variable and 3, 7% variable with cap.

The references that make up the fixed interest rate on mortgages, in addition to the rate applied by the ECB, concern those of the interbank market, or the rate at which banks lend money to each other. This money rate is still very low, and although it has increased by 0.20 points in 2017, analysts’ forecasts for this year see it rise with a very slow trend, and probably only after the summer.

Mortgages therefore cost less and rates record yet another historic low

Mortgages therefore cost less and rates record yet another historic low

Applicants are therefore more likely to reduce the overall duration of the loan. Those under 20 years, in fact, reach 58.8% compared to 55.9% in the last quarter of 2017. The amount mephio drops to 126,784 euro, against 128,581 at the end of 2017.

The ECB’s monetary policy could change in the near future, and this is a train not to be missed

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Turning on a mortgage today is an extremely convenient operation and the fixed rate offers guarantees and securities that the variable does not seem able to offer, enticed by the offers and rebates proposed by the various banking institutions.

Therefore, this is probably the most favorable moment to contact the consultants of Grandet to be able to receive all possible information on mortgages for the purchase of a house.