Debt consolidation, what is it?

Debt consolidation is essentially the process of combining multiple debts into one. The goal is often to reduce the monthly payments and the total interest accumulated on the debt. As a result, the task of paying off your debts is simplified and your credit rating improves. Consolidating your debts can include a combination of several […]

Mortgages: the fixed rate grows

The mortgage situation appears positive for the present and for the immediate future, and the most recent statistics show a growth in the fixed-rate mortgage . The data of the last Observatory updated to February 28, 2018, show the money, indexing parameter of fixed-rate mortgages, on the upswing compared to the last months of the […]

How not to fall into the debt gap?

When withdrawing money from an ATM, be careful what card you use. Use the debit card you received with your bank account to withdraw cash. In the case of a credit card, the withdrawal will be more expensive, with a few exceptions you pay a considerable fee for cash withdrawal and you will lose your […]

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